Prepare yourself for the inevitable. Your little one WILL get teeth and that means teething problems. Have you been searching for natural alternatives to soothe your little ones teething problems? Look no further - relief is at hand with the perfect combination of Little Teether Necklace and Little Fish Teether.


Liddle Ones Necklace

  • NATURALLY occurring Succinic Acid from 100% Genuine Certified Baltic Amber.
  • AVAILABLE in three color variations
  • NATURAL RUBBER FISH TEETHER - comes as BONUS with every Little Teether Necklace.
  • SAFE - each Little Teether Necklace is safety knotted and hand crafted.
  • SIZE MATTERS - not too long - not too short - the Little Teether Necklace is just the right size measuring 12.5".
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or your money back. If you are not completely satisfied return your product for a full refund.


Bonus Little Fish Teether 

As part of your Little Necklace purchasae, we are providing a BONUS Little Fish Teether. The tactile stimulation obtained by usine the Little Fish Teether helps develop creative thinking, motor skills and sense of touch. The Little Fish Teether will help assist with the niggling aches and pains associated with teeth erupting. Some benefits of using the Little Fish Teether include: 

  • made with 100% sustainable natural rubber from the Hevea brasiliensis tree.
  • does NOT contain BPA, Phthalate, PVC, nitrosamines or artifical coloring.
  • one piece design eliminates places where bacteria can hide.
  • can be sterilized.
  • designed with Little Ones in mind with an easy to hold grip.


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With BONUS Little Fish Teether & eBook!

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The secret to ensuring your little one gets relief from the tortures of teething... The Little Teether Necklace and Little Teether Fish of course!...

BONUS eBook on Little Teether Necklace! 

As an added BONUS for each purchase of the Little Teether Necklace (With BONUS Little Fish Teether), Liddle Ones is now including an information eBook on Baltic Amber Teething products.



Giving you all the information you need!

The ebook provides all of the information about Baltic Amber you will ever need to know in a concise and handy format: from where Baltic Amber comes from, how it works, how to tell real amber from the fake stuff and also how to care for your Little Teether Baltic Amber necklace.


Interested? Grab your copy NOW free with your next purchase of the Little Teether Necklace by Liddle Ones!”